Blogs: No need to be bored, ever

Bored? Don’t be! I highly recommend (some are not blogs, I know this) :

My new blog, but part of this one

Asking people top 5 songs they’re listening to and last 5 movies they have seen.

Genius Blogs :

Cosmic Hearse: music awesomeness

Crud Wizard: Straight up truth

ZenMafia: do you feel like laughing? you do?

a kind of genius that can’t be described and crazy band, please note the new location of my favorite blog to de-stress to— thezenmafia:

Blacklightblackheat: disappointed with the world? never, ever feel inspired? This blog is art and the aesthetic is so pristine!! 

See the light (it is black)! :

Fuck yeah feminist art : Inspirational and original!

Easily Distracted: another accidentally discovered and truly readable blog

All I do is Party : a New one!! this one is professional!

Blogs others have recommended and/or obsess over :

Hyperbole and a Half: for smart teens to cool to practice viola but not (too cool) for reading blogs… you can tell it will be worthwhile by the name because only smart people use the word “hyperbole”

What do teens like these days? Cute irony:

Jollygoo : just look at it, you’ll get it… Japan!

GET a hobby!! :

Easy Makes Me Happy : crochet patterns and girlie crafty things, crochet a mustache

Knitting, Fuck Yeah! : I like free knitting patterns and there are some here and very arty knitted things that are not quite my vagrant-chic style (yeah, vagrant-chic, maybe not so chic) anyway the knitted hamster and name of the blog sold me:

ps has sh1tl0ads of free patterns

Get Your Groove On :

KXLU Demolisten : 88.9 fm LA

No Age : awesome-ness in all the ways that matter

Post Present Medium

Not Not Fun Records : It is FUN

The 7 Days of Metal : self-explanatory title… well curated selection of metal music

Fuck Yeah 70’s Music : Sweeeeet! Every genre of 70’s but well selected music from each genre and it looks nice

Sonic Circulation: a lot of electronic but not the gross kind, the nice kind like Zombi

KCHUNG radio: pirate radio broadcast from Chinatown LA

FOS FM: listen online

Read Something Foo! : 

Black Clock : a literary journal published by CalArts, edited by Steve Erickson with website and blog… OMG, you’re gonna look so smart if you put a Black Clock in your nasty backpack, filthy car, or on the floor where a coffee table should be!

Joyland Magazine website and blog :

250 books by women all men should read, yeah read this post! Joyland has so much worthwhile reading and it’s free!!

Insert Press:


The Institute for Figuring:

Take OFF:

Museum of Public Fiction

Public School: learn and stuff

more to come…